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                   Like Personal Training

                                                   But Different

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You want to be fitter…. You want to lose weight….You want more energy for your daily life…. You want to be healthy…. You want to keep up with the youngsters at work…. 


You’re too busy….. You’ve got commitments…. You don’t like gyms…. You’ve tried before….. You don’t know where to start…..

Welcome to Metasomatics, like personal training but different. 

How is it different? Well, for a start my background is in physical therapy and martial arts training. I’ve been involved in both of those areas for almost forty years. I enjoy trail running, strength training, martial arts and meditation. I decided to pursue this area of business because in both my therapy work (see the link below) and martial arts the most common issue that I found myself dealing with was people looking for ways to get fitter and healthier that didn’t involve a gym and for others didn’t involve running.  My approach to health and fitness is similar to what some describe as Biohacking, that is to say, using our body’s innate adaptability and flexibility to enhance our day to day lives and extend our longevity.  Maximising the gifts of youth and extending our lives by aging well, with strength and energy.

It’s also different because I come to you at your home or work place, or anywhere else that is convenient. I can also access a small studio in Stockport should the need arise (at extra cost).

There is absolutely nothing wrong with going to a gym or going for a run and I would encourage you to do either or better still both, but if those things just aren’t you or just don’t fit into your life there are alternatives.

In search of an alternative route to health and fitness some people try martial arts and some of those stick with it, but many others don’t because their search is for fitness rather than out of an interest in martial arts themselves, so inevitably they give it up. It’s hard to motivate yourself when you spend a lot of time doing things that you aren’t interested in. I utilise the body training elements of martial arts without the need to explore the fighting, self defence aspects unless of course you want to. I call this aspect martial calisthenics. Martial arts place high value on; strength, flexibility, speed and endurance, you can benefit from all of these elements without throwing a punch in anger!

Others go it alone or follow an on-line training program and end up on my, or someone else’s, treatment table with an injury or persistent pain, both are very demotivating and if the injury happens before they’ve made any real fitness progress they will be inclined to give up on the idea. Sports Therapy utilises a range of treatment approaches and assessment processes including; muscle testing, postural assessment / correction, retraining the function of the body to function correctly is called Somatic Education.

You can learn how the various elements fit together on this page.

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