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Client Resources- Dietary Management

Although the phrase “biohacking” is a relatively modern one, the idea of dietary management is not a new one. Over the ages individuals have observed the damage that “civilisation” does to our bodies’. Sometimes this relates to the laziness that industrialisation allows; we no longer hunt in order to eat, we don’t track the migration of prey animals, we don’t carry water in order to drink we don’t chop and carry wood to heat our homes. While all of these developments are deemed to enhance our lives they also have a negative impact on us. We replace all of this physical activity with very low or essentially no impact activity such as sitting at a keyboard or driving a car.

The other major change in our lifestyles is what we eat, since the advent of agriculture what we eat has changed massively and that change has accelerated at an even greater rate over the last century or so due to the impact of industrialised food manufacturing.

The Key knowledge required to achieving good health and longevity is knowing what you should be eating and when.

The modern phrase for this approach is “Biohacking”, simply put this means optimising your body’s natural functions (metabolism) so that it is able to work the way nature intended. This isn’t a difficult process but it does require a willingness to challenge much of the misinformation, some from official sources, in circulation.

An image of the Kindle Book, Meatabolic Agility by Stephen Forde

I created this Kindle Book, available from Amazon, a few years ago. In it I outline the history of how the food we eat has changed almost beyond recognition and how you can get your body back on track.


This is too big a subject to cover on a web page, click on the image to find the book on Amazon, but suffice to say nothing you can do in terms of lifestyle changes will have as big an impact as changing what you eat, when you eat and how often you eat. In fact I’d go as far to say everything else is a waste of time if you don’t get your diet sorted.

During your personalised training sessions, I cover food choices, fasting regimes (don’t panic, it’s easier than you think) and other issues around food.